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Water Planning

Water concerns became a high priority for Douglas County residents following the 2002 drought.  Dependent on nonrenewable Denver Basin groundwater, rural water users recognized that maximizing the life of this vital resource by cooperating and organizing their efforts was essential. In response to this need, the Rural Water Authority of Douglas County was formed in October 2008.

The Rural Water Authority’s mission is to assist rural water users and providers to:

  • Evaluate current and future water supplies and demand
  • Determine beneficial services and/or facilities 
  • Advise and assist other agencies on rural water issues

With these critical water concerns, large water providers have pursued alternative water supplies and alliances to accommodate growth and reduce their dependence on groundwater supplies.

The Corps of Engineers, with local sponsorship from the Colorado Water Conservation Board, began investigating the feasibility of reallocating storage from the flood control purpose of the Chatfield Reservoir to joint flood control-conservation purposes under the authority of Section 808 (Water Resources Development Act of 1986); River and Harbor Act of 1958. The Chatfield Reallocation for water storage environmental impact study is available for review on the link below:

Omaha District > Missions > Civil Works > Planning > Planning Projects > Chatfield