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About Us

What the RWADC Does

The RWADC was created to provide an adequate, sustainable and reliable water supply for the county’s rural water users. The Creation Agreement established the RWADC, initially with the support of Douglas County Government. It identifies a series of combined effects challenging the vital Denver Basin groundwater supply on which we all rely. They include:

  • Population growth
  • Growing reliance on Denver Basin groundwater as a public water supply
  • Periodic drought
  • Increasing need for water conservation
  • Variability in the Denver Basin groundwater supply across the County and declining water levels.

Produced in 2009, the video below discusses why the RWADC was formed and the challenges affecting the Denver Basin aquifers. It also provides an excellent overview of water supply issues and concerns we are working to address. Some information, such as District Directors, has changed in recent years. The key messages, however, remain vital to understanding the RWADC’s role in supporting the county’s rural water users.

RWADC Functions and Services

  • Collaborate with other local, regional and statewide water supply agencies to develop water supply plans and conserve water resources;
  • Educate and inform water users on issues affecting an adequate, sustainable and reliable water supply;
  • Provide services or functions related to the provision of an adequate, sustainable, and reliable water supply to rural water users.

The RWADC’s Service Area is all the unincorporated portion of Douglas County (i.e., not within a municipality’s boundaries). It excludes the service areas of special districts that provide water and have not joined the RWADC as a Party or Participant.

The first Board was appointed on March 3, 2009, and Bylaws were adopted on November 18, 2009.  The Board elected its first officers on January 27, 2010. An important ongoing RWADC project is the effort to identify all rural well owners and small water systems providers who would benefit from our work.

See  “The Answers to 78 of the Most Common Questions” for more details about groundwater, water well issues, Douglas County policies, and the RWADC.

You’re Invited

On the fourth Wednesday of each month, the RWADC Board of Directors holds regular meetings, at one of two locations, depending on the date. Please click on the ‘regular meetings’ link in the line above to see dates, location and time. These are open meetings, and we invite rural water users and the general public to attend.  No meetings are held in December.