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Water Hauling

For residential wells that are no longer producing, one option is to physically haul water by truck to your location and replenish a storage tank, or at least until a replacement well can be drilled.  Water hauling involves storage and water delivery.

Stored water may need to be treated to make sure it is safe to drink from microbial and chemical contamination.

STORAGE – Storage can be above ground in a building or below frost-line.  Generally, the tank should be designed for potable water.  In addition to the tank and its connection to your household water system, you will need a pump to transfer the water from the storage tank to your pressure tank.

DELIVERY – Three potable water haulers are:

  • Water Boy: 303-838-3500
    delivery tank 1250 gallons
    water source – Castle Rock
    contact: Phil
  • Harrington Trucking: 303-428-6706
    delivery tank 2000 gallons
    water source – Arvada
    contact: Randy
  •  McDonald Farms: 303-442-6829
    delivery tanks:  750 gallons, 3000 gallons, 6000 gallons
    water source – Frederick
    contact:  Denver Office